1 lb reclaimed is 1 lb not made

This simple phrase packs a punch and encompasses one of Hudson Technologies core beliefs. For every pound of refrigerant that is reclaimed and reused it prevents a pound of refrigerant being newly manufactured, reducing both the impact of the energy associated with manufacturer of new refrigerant as well as unnecessary GHG refrigerant release. We believe it is our responsibility to provide the HVACR industry with reclaimed, renewed refrigerant that can continue to be used, and reused, forever. And that belief led to our EMERALD Refrigerants™ range of certified reclaimed refrigerants, recovered and “made” here in the US.

With our AHRI certified laboratories, and as the largest refrigerant reclaimer, you can be assured EMERALD Refrigerants™ meet or exceed AHRI 700 specifications and contain only certified reclaimed refrigerant.

Project Drawdown has identified the accelerated reduction of GHG emissions for refrigerants as one of the top solutions to address global climate change. By purchasing certified reclaimed refrigerants from Hudson, you can be assured that you are preventing unnecessary refrigerant release into the atmosphere and taking measurable, quantifiable steps towards your sustainability goals.

Emerald Refrigerants