Maintaining optimal chiller and plant performance is one of Hudson’s specialties. We leverage our expertise and sustainable best practices to revive system efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and avoid refrigerant atmospheric releases. We understand the value of time when it comes to chiller and plant system operations, which is why as innovators, we designed our patented and proprietary ZugiBeast® for On-Site R-Side® refrigerant solutions. The ZugiBeast® equipment is fast and portable and allows the R-Side® service team to accelerate critical services while saving our customers time, money, and aggravation.

Available nationwide, our On-Site R-Side® refrigerant services enable your chillers and other industrial equipment to be operational in a fraction of the time needed with traditional methods. We are available for emergency needs, 24/7, and for planned maintenance year-round. Our goal is to help you achieve peak operating performance, with lowest energy operating cost, from your chiller and plant systems, always.

Our On-Site R-Side® refrigerant services help reduce refrigerant leaks, recover the maximum amount of refrigerant possible and help return your chiller systems to maximum operating performance and energy efficiency. Each of these facets of On-Site R-Side® refrigerant services are aligned with our commitment to sustainability, and help you reduce the overall impact that the refrigerant you use has on the environment. Whether you have an air cooled, water cooled, mag bearing, centrifugal screw, or reciprocating chiller, Hudson has the technical expertise, nationwide infrastructure, and sustainable mindset to help solve your most complex chiller system problems.