Recover, Reclaim, or Destroy with Hudson

At Hudson Technologies, we provide sustainable refrigerant management solutions aligned with the circular economy. As a CFC HVACR system approaches its end of life, we offer environmentally focused solutions that avoid the unnecessary release of potent GHG.

The environmental benefit of CFC end of life management is clear. The destruction of just 1 lbs. of R-12 refrigerant has the same GHG emission reduction as taking 1 car off the road for an entire year.

  • CFCs released into the atmosphere contribute to both the buildup of Greenhouse Gasses and the destruction of the Ozone Layer.
  • By recovering, reclaiming, or destroying used CFC’s Hudson ensures they are not released to atmosphere.
  • CFCs that are not destined for reuse are destroyed following stringent guidelines to ensure it cannot hurt the environment.
  • CFC’s that are reclaimed to AHRI specification for reuse, supporting operating chillers until their end of service life.

CFC End of Life Management

With the reclamation of millions of lbs. of refrigerant a year, as well as our involvement in the destruction of high GWP Ozone Depleting Substances (CFCs), Hudson has successfully avoided the release of the equivalent of over 100 Million tons of CO2 to the atmosphere since our inception. We work with a diverse group of entities including large corporations, educational institutions, municipalities, contractors, and property owners to turn what would be considered a liability associated with refrigerants into an asset.

Turning a liability into an asset

Turning a liability into an asset
Hudson purchases CFCs (R-11, R-12, R-500, R-113, R-114 and R-115) from aging equipment and stockpiles for top dollar.
Turning a liability into an asset
Hudson handles the removal, transportation, and responsible disposal of CFCs through an EPA approved facility.

Turning a liability into an asset
Upon request we provide
appropriate documentation
that demonstrates the
successful destruction.
Turning a liability into an asset
We provide high quality carbon offsets that can be used by entities regulated by the California Air Resources board, the WCI, or US Voluntary carbon programs.

The benefits for our customers are three-fold, providing economic value for an unwanted asset, meeting all refrigerant related regulatory needs and measurable, quantifiable actions to support your sustainability goals.