CFC End of Life Management

Recover, Reclaim, or Destroy with Hudson

At Hudson Technologies, we provide sustainable refrigerant lifecycle management solutions aligned with the circular economy. As a CFC HVACR system approaches its end of life, we offer environmentally focused solutions that encompass the entire lifecycle management process, avoiding the unnecessary release of potent Greenhouse Gases.

The environmental benefit of CFC end of life management is clear. The destruction of just 1 lbs. of R-12 refrigerant has the same GHG emission reduction as taking 1 car off the road for an entire year.

  • CFCs released into the atmosphere contribute to both the buildup of Greenhouse Gasses and the destruction of the Ozone Layer.
  • By recovering, reclaiming, or destroying used CFC’s Hudson ensures they are not released to atmosphere.
  • CFCs that are not destined for reuse are destroyed following stringent guidelines to ensure it cannot hurt the environment.
  • CFC’s that are reclaimed to AHRI specification for reuse, supporting operating chillers until their end of service life.