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Hudson Technologies is a leading provider of innovative solutions to recurring problems within the refrigeration industry. We specialize in providing superior engineering and chemistry know-how to improve the operations of large comfort cooling and process refrigeration systems by removing the moisture, oils and other contaminants frequently found in their refrigeration circuits.

We market our services through two main divisions. Our Refrigerant Side® (“R-Side®”) Services group – the company’s long-term growth opportunity and profit driver – offers an alternative to the antiquated methods still being used by the industry to maintain and operate large cooling systems. Our Refrigerant Product Services (“RPS”) group sells refrigerants and provides services, including the recovery and reclamation of refrigerants (e.g., freon) used in commercial AC and refrigeration systems.

Our R-Side® services are marketed to both contractors who provide emergency services and to building owners, whose focus is on preventative maintenance and cost savings. Our RPS group sells to a wide variety of refrigerant wholesalers, distributors, contractors and equipment manufacturers. Through a strategic alliance with DuPont, Hudson also performs 100% of its reclamation in the U.S.

Performance Evaluation is a detailed engineering analysis of the actual performance of the chiller system including the individual components creating a snapshot of the actual operation. Detailed thermodynamic system analysis models are used to evaluate the performance of the system. Performance Evaluation results are presented in a graphical manner and include: chiller system efficiency, potential energy & cost savings, heat exchanger performances, compressor performance, electric motor, steam turbine, gas-fired engine performance. Alternatively, for a custom built chiller / refrigeration system, Hudson Technologies can develop a performance evaluation model that predicts the operation and performance of the system.

ChillSMART® is a new product that is developed by Hudson Technologies that offers both Chiller Chemistry® and Performance Evaluation as a Packaged Approach. ChillSMART® includes: A complete chemistry and engineering-based written review that compares and correlates the relationship between the fluid samples, performance evaluation results, an interpretation report of the findings, interrelationships and recommendations for remedy and a certificate of analysis. To find out more about ChillSMART® and view a sample of results, please visit Chiller Performance Evaluation

Some major benefits that result from the ChillSMART® – avoided costs and loss of revenues due to unplanned shutdowns for equipment maintenance and repairs; and development of a “preventative & predictive” approach, lowering current maintenance costs. Typically, for facilities with multiple chiller systems, 20% of the chiller systems result in 80% of the system efficiency loss. ChillSMART® will identify these units, allowing the customer to rectify the situation with minimal resources. Approach includes – system optimization for better and reliable system operation; identification of potential energy and cost savings and reduced environmental emissions; detailed information of contaminants such as, oil, moisture, acid, non-condensables, chlorides and specific particulate makeup in the system; and base-lining and trending of chiller performance over time and its relationship with Chiller Chemistry®

Nationwide, electric consumption from refrigerant equipment is estimated to cost more than $15 billion annually. Air conditioning systems alone account for up to one-third of most commercial buildings’ energy costs. Hudson’s proprietary services are designed to improve chiller efficiency and increase system capacity, thereby saving customers substantial amounts in their annual energy bills, as well as reducing maintenance and repair costs.

Hudson is headquartered in Woodcliff Lake, NJ. In total, we operate out of 5 locations, including a network of R-Side® rapid-response depots strategically located across the U.S.

Hudson Technologies was incorporated in January 1991. The company went public in November 1994.

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