ChillSMART® includes both Chiller Chemistry® and Performance Evaluation in one unique package and is now available for both air and water-cooled chillers. This state-of-the-art evaluation is based on chiller operating data plus a fluid (refrigerant, oil and water) chemical analysis. Together, this approach optimizes your packaged chiller systems and keeps the units operating efficiently. It is available in both the IP and SI (metric) systems.

ChillSMART® Components

  • A complete chemistry and engineering-based written review that compares and correlates the relationship between the fluid samples
  • Performance Evaluation results as a complete snapshot of the system’s operation, including:
    • Chiller system efficiency
    • Potential energy and cost savings
    • Heat exchanger performance
    • Compressor performance
    • Electric motor, steam turbine and gas-fired engine performance
  • An interpretation report of the findings, interrelationships and recommendations for remedy
  • A certificate of analysis

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