DLA Federal Industrial Gas Program

Hudson Technologies is proud to be the prime supplier for the DLA Aviation industrial gas support program, supporting Military and Federal entities worldwide. Hudson handles the supply, storage, and distribution of industrial compressed and liquefied gases and empty (ready-to-fill) cylinders for all products that DLA Aviation support. This program can be accessed by any US Federal agency or military division.

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Benefits of the DLA program to Military and Federal agencies are as follows:

Cost and Time Savings

  • You pay for only the gas!
  • Easy Ordering and Fast Delivery.
  • Minimum order size 1 Cylinder.
  • Pick-up of empty reusable cylinders.
  • Management and maintenance the pool of government furnished property (GFP) cylinders by Hudson Technologies.


  • Reduce you supply management tasks.
  • Reduce your storage footprint.
  • Reduce your handling of cylinders.

Eliminate your

  • Cylinder maintenance fees and tasks.
  • Need to purchase government furnished cylinders.