About Us

Mission: Improving environmental quality and promoting a healthier planet through the sustainable recovery and reuse of natural resources.
Vision: We support the circular economy for refrigerants and our commitment to environmental stewardship is at the core of everything we do. From initial sale through recovery, reclamation and reuse, peak operating performance of equipment through energy efficiency and emergency HVAC system repair, to CFC refrigerant disposal and carbon credit development, we provide environmentally sustainable solutions to your refrigerant needs.

Hudson Technologies has offered sustainable solutions for the HVACR industry for over thirty years. We understand and embrace the need to actively support our customers to holistically manage their refrigerant with both sustainability and asset management as top of mind.

  • Sales: One of the largest refrigerant selections in the country, featuring our certified reclaimed Emerald® Refrigerants.
  • Reclaim: An industry leader in refrigerant reclamation. Realize the economic value of your recovered refrigerant and get PAID.
  • Sustainability: Our commitment to recovering, reclaiming, and reusing refrigerants helps reduce waste and lower GHG emissions. Document your CO2e avoidance contributing to your company’s ESG goals.
  • Recovery: Nation-wide network of service facilities and skilled technicians for on-site refrigerant recovery.
  • R-Side® Service: Maintaining optimal chiller and plant performance is one of our specialties. We leverage our expertise and best practices to revive system efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and avoid refrigerant atmospheric release.