New York Advances Legislation Enabling
Low-GWP Refrigerants


In response to the Aim Act, New York has taken significant steps to advance building codes that align with the state’s climate agenda. On April 27th, Assembly Bill (AB 8143) was passed and sent to the Senate Energy and Telecommunications Committee. This legislation updates building codes and equipment standards to adapt for low-GWP refrigerants and prepare for restrictions on the use of HFC’s in certain applications. The bill has approximately one month to move through the Senate ahead of the estimated June 2nd legislative adjournment.


The refrigeration industry is in the middle of large changes that are affecting buildings in the present and in the future. It is important to be prepared for the transition to lower GWP alternatives and maintain your current HVACR systems through reclamation! Reclaimed refrigerants have near zero GWP, thereby reducing the carbon footprint of operating HVACR systems and providing measurable actions towards sustainability goals. As a result of using reclaimed refrigerants, users are actively helping to combat unnecessary GHG refrigerant release and avoiding the disposal of waste gas and production of new material.


To learn more about reclamation, view Hudson’s Refrigerant Reclaim section.

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