Greenbuild – The Refrigerant Landscape and the Role Reclaimed Refrigerants Play in Green Buildings

Woodcliff Lake, NJ – February 13, 2024 – This webinar provides an update on the AIM Act, HFC Phasedown schedule, and the impact our society faces with cooling. With the 40% virgin HFC reduction underway, the impacts can be felt across all sectors that utilize HFC refrigerants. Hudson will discuss the role and importance of Lifecycle Refrigerant Management and the importance of reclaimed refrigerants in good HVAC system stewardship. Reclaimed refrigerants have near zero GWP, thereby reducing the carbon footprint of operating HVACR systems. By using reclaimed refrigerants, users are also actively helping to combat unnecessary GHG refrigerant release. Hudson will also be discussing the transition to the next generation of refrigerants, including HFO’s and A2L’s.

HVAC system conversions will become a greater part of the conversation between building owners, system operators, engineers, and contractors as we enter the next step-down in the AIM Act. Hudson will share insight on the unique challenges faced with choosing refrigerants for system conversion. Additionally, Hudson will discuss its patented and proprietary ZugiBeast® and On-Site R-Side® refrigerant solutions. On-Site R-Side® refrigerant services remediate chillers and other industrial cooling equipment to remove contaminants and return systems to peak operating performance, with the lowest energy operating cost all in a fraction of the time needed with remediation methods. The On-Site R-Side® refrigerant field services help reduce refrigerant leaks, recover the maximum amount of refrigerant possible and help return your chiller systems to maximum operating performance and energy efficiency. Whether you have an air cooled, water cooled, mag bearing, centrifugal screw, or reciprocating chiller, Hudson has the technical expertise, nationwide infrastructure, and sustainable mindset to help solve your most complex chiller system problems. Hudson’s Emerald™ Refrigerants and On-Site R-Side® were recognized by Building Green as Top 10 Sustainable products for 2023 and Emerald™ Refrigerants was awarded Top Product by Environment + Energy Leader in 2023.

• Discuss the AIM Act and the HFC Phasedown schedule and Lifecycle Refrigerant Management
• Review refrigerant reclamation, the reclaim process, and identify the market and environmental benefits.
• Explain orderly transition to Next- Generation Refrigerants and the role reclaimed refrigerant plays.
• Describe A2L and HFO refrigerants.
• How you can reduce your carbon footprint through converting to a lower GWP Refrigerant.
• Understanding innovative techniques for refrigerant conversion of operating HVAC systems.
• Importance of Refrigerant Management and regular analysis.
• Chiller Decontamination Services offered to ensure that your chiller and plant systems operate at their peak performance levels.

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