Nasdaq Ring The Bell

Thank you for your interest in learning more about Hudson Technologies. We are excited to ring the closing bell today at Nasdaq and help get people informed about the environmental impact refrigerants have on our world! Refrigeration is all around us. The cooling in your home, refrigerator, office, school, hotel, and car is connected to refrigerants and connected to Hudson.

Hudson Technologies is the leading refrigerant management solutions provider in the nation. Since 1990, we have embraced the circular economy with our proven environmentally focused products and services.

We offer one of the largest refrigerant inventory selections in the country, including a wide-range of certified, reclaimed refrigerants.


Emerald Refrigerants
We are the largest refrigerant reclaimer in the country. Selling your refrigerant is a simple and easy way to realize the economic value of your recovered refrigerant.


Our commitment to reclaiming, recertifying, and reusing refrigerants reduces waste, and GHG emissions and creates maximum economic value for used refrigerants. Documenting your CO2e avoidance helps contribute to your ESG Goals.


We provide Rapid Refrigerant Recovery services through our nationwide network of regional service facilities.


On-site services
On-Site Service:
Maintaining optimal chiller and plant performance is one of our specialties. We leverage our expertise and sustainable best practices to revive system efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and avoid refrigerant atmospheric release.