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Instructions for Reporting Possible “Defective” Cylinder

If you believe you have received a defective cylinder from our company, please follow the instructions listed below to help us determine if the cylinder is defective. Please have the following information available before you proceed:

  • Refrigerant Type
  • Refrigerant Size
  • Brand Name
  • Location of Product
  • Cylinder Serial Number
  • Hudson brand must have QC# & date
  • Date received from Hudson
  • Description of defect

All products, other items of sale, cylinders, and other containers furnished by Hudson Technologies Company are warranted for one (1) year from the date of sale. Credit will be reimbursed upon inspection.

1) Please have the cylinder/drum information (listed above, in bold) ready when filling out the defective form for your account to be credited once the cylinder has been inspected. (If replacement is needed, please contact your account manager)

2) Complete the on-line claim form below. You will receive a confirmation email when you submit your claim. Note: When reporting a Hudson cylinder defect, the QC# and date found on a label on the cylinder must be listed on this form in addition to the serial #. We will process your claim as soon as this completed form is received by our Defective Cylinder Department.

3) You will receive an email with your claim number, bill of lading, and labels for the pickup of your defective cylinder within 48-72 hours after the claim is received. (Defective cylinders must be sent in separately from reclaim shipments)

Note 1: DOT regulations require that 30 & 50 lb. (DOT-39) cylinders be shipped inside a strong outer packaging, such as a box or crate. Shipping a cylinder in its original packaging is recommended. DOT does not permit shipping these cylinders without their product specific outer packaging.

4) After pickup of cylinders by the freight carrier, please confirm by emailing

5) Upon receipt of cylinder it will be inspected for defect. Hudson’s Defective Cylinder Department will be notified of the results of the inspection if found defective credit will be issued accordingly.

Note 2: Regarding claims of cylinders received empty or light weight. All manufacturers’ as well as Hudson Technologies, Inc. ship their cylinders with the valves sealed with a protective shrink wrap. No claims for empty or light weight material will be considered unless the seal is intact at the time of its return for inspection.

Note 3: If you believe you have a refrigerant cylinder that is currently leaking, STOP please refer to following information.

Caution – Leaking Refrigerant Cylinder!

1.) If you believe you have a cylinder that is actively leaking due to a defect, then recovery of the refrigerant to prevent continued release is mandatory by the custodian of the cylinder and required by the EPA. Failure to prevent loss is the responsibility of the custodian of the cylinder.

2.) Leaking cylinders cannot be ship via freight transport while there is an active leak from the cylinder.

For questions relating to your orders, shipments, cylinder returns and more please contact:
Phone: 800-277-3490

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