Hudson Technologies is committed to providing products and services that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase energy efficiency, and promote sustainability to encourage understanding and ensure future generations inherit a healthy planet. We support the transition to climate-friendly technology and gases through our focus on environmentally sustainable solutions for all HVACR needs:

  • Initial refrigerant sale through recovery, reclamation and reuse
  • Services to promote energy efficiency and peak operating performance
  • Emergency cooling system repairs
  • Responsible end of life refrigerant disposal
  • Carbon trading offsets
  • Deliver measurable economic value to customers for sustainability efforts
Our Mission

Addressing a global concern

In excess of
of world energy consumption
is related to refrigeration
and air conditioning

Pound for pound,
refrigerants have up to
4,000 X
more GWP than
carbon dioxide (CO2)

Next generation HFC emissions
could potentially produce up to
of CO2 emissions
by 2050

Why going green is good business

Going green is good business

Energy savings and Extended Equipment life through Chiller Maintenance. R-Side services reduce energy consumption up to 10% or more.

Going green is good business

Operational cost savings through active energy monitoring. SMARTenergy OPS® reduces energy costs by 15% to 35%.

Going green is good business

We make responsible refrigerant handling from compliance to conversion simple and easy. 1 lb reclaimed is 1 lb not made.

Industries we serve:

Agriculture and  Automotive
Data Centers and Educational Institutions
Food & Beverage and Government
Healthcare and Hotels & Resorts

Manufacturing: Industrial & Chemical and Marine and Navy
Pharmaceutical and Power & Utilities
Recycling & Demo Scrap and Residential, Office & Retail
Supermarkets and Transportation

Providing a sustainable solution



Net zero Global Warming Potential (GWP) solution that displaces virgin production

On-site services

On-site services &

Optimizing chiller performance to reduce energy consumption and extend service life

Refrigerant Management

Refrigerant Management

Reuse or environmentally safe destruction

Recovery Cylinder
Hudson Technologies is the leading provider of sustainable refrigerant products and services to the HVACR industry. For nearly three decades, we have demonstrated our commitment to our customers and the environment by becoming the United States’ largest refrigerant reclaimer through multimillion dollar investments in the plants and advanced separation technology required to recover a wide variety of refrigerants and restoring them to AHRI standard for reuse as certified EMERALD Refrigerants™.

For every pound of refrigerant that is reclaimed and reused it prevents a pound of refrigerant being newly manufactured, reducing both the impact of the energy associated with manufacturer of new refrigerant as well as unnecessary GHG refrigerant release.

But refrigerant is only part of the story: Our on-site energy and process optimization services ensure our customers use refrigerant in a compliant, efficient and environmentally responsible way that helps avoid excess energy bills, damaging leaks, or premature equipment failure resulting from inadequate refrigerant maintenance. Partner with Hudson Technologies for a sustainable, green future.

View our tribute to Kevin J. Zugibe, P.E. The founder of Hudson Technologies, including details of how to make a donation in his memory.