Refrigerant Recovery

At Hudson Technologies, we provide rapid refrigerant recovery services through our nationwide network of service facilities. Whether you have a small comfort cooling system or a massive system requiring emergency response, our unique and proprietary Zugibeast® equipment ensures we’ll complete the job effectively and in a fraction of the time typically required.

If recovery is necessary for the completion of repairs, we can obtain refrigerant and oil samples and provide test results, interpretive analysis and tailored service recommendations. This allows you to address an issue before it becomes more serious.

By choosing Hudson for refrigerant recovery, we can:

  • Save you time and money
  • Free your skilled technicians for other more profitable work
  • Significantly reduce recovery time
  • Weigh the charge and advise you if refrigerant is needed
  • Provide replacement refrigerant at competitive prices
  • Analyze refrigerant samples to help you address any hidden issues

For more information, please call 800-501-4376 or contact a Hudson representative at a location near you.