When you have a refrigerant issue that’s affecting your chiller and plant performance, time is of the essence to repair your equipment.  With Hudson, there’s no need to send in samples, wait for analysis, and deal with costly downtime for your equipment. Instead, we bring the solution to the source – right to your doorstep. In fact, we pioneered this style of service with our unique and proprietary ZugiBeast® equipment designed and built for just this purpose. The ZugiBeast® equipment is fast and portable and allows the R-Side® services team to accelerate critical services while saving customers time, money and aggravation.

Over the past 25+ years, we’ve utilized the ZugiBeast® to solve some of the most complex refrigerant contamination problems in chiller systems including chiller receivers, cooling towers, service piping and large holding tanks throughout the United States. Available nationwide, our R-Side® refrigerant field services allow your chillers and other industrial equipment to be operational in a fraction of the time needed with traditional methods.

Our R-Side® refrigerant field services help reduce refrigerant leaks, recover the maximum amount of refrigerant possible and help return your chiller systems to maximum operating performance. Each of these facets of R-Side® refrigerant field services are aligned with our commitment to environmental stewardship of refrigerants, and help you reduce the overall impact that the refrigerant you use has on the environment.

Our on-site (R-Side®) services include:

  • Chiller dehydration & decontamination (both online & offline)
  • Moisture reduction (refrigerant – online & offline)
  • Rust particulate reduction
  • Hermetic burnout decontamination
  • Reside particle removal & decontamination
  • Oil logged chiller decontamination
  • Chiller decontamination (including elimination of mineral oil)
  • Lithium bromide recovery, disposal & analysis
  • Glycol recovery, disposal & analysis
  • SF6 recovery

In addition to refrigerant recovery, preventative services and emergency repairs, we offer several unique, on-site programs to optimize your operating systems. Customized to meet your needs, these assessments ensure peak performance, target issues before they become problems and save on annual operating costs.

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