Are Your Reclaim Flyers Up To Date?

Hudson Technologies has created an assortment of newly designed reclaim flyers to help you promote the Clean Exchange program. We think you’ll like them and we’d like to send some your way. Hudson will customize the flyers to your store … Read More

Is Hudson Your Biggest Customer?

Did you know Hudson wants to be your biggest customer? We want to buy all of your recovered refrigerants and pay you for it. If Hudson isn’t your biggest customer, then talk to us about how we can be. Things … Read More

Why pay attention to your chiller system?

Chillers are significant energy consumers and a big cost. A chiller management program helps you control costs and improve reliability. BestPractice – Implement a predictive/preventive management program. Test Fluids on a regular basis and TREND that information to do a … Read More

How often should you test your chiller system fluids?

Depends on criticality of system operations Mission Critical (Data Centers, Hospitals, etc.) Once in 3 months Industrial plants – Continuous operation, all year Once in 3 – 6 months Commercial – Space Cooling applications Twice a year Typical refrigerant and … Read More

Why do oil and wear testing?

Identify contaminants and abnormal wear conditions which may become significant enough to adversely affect component life Determine lubricant physical/chemical condition and wear condition of oil-wetted elements Want to find out more about Fault Detection & Diagnostics (FD&D) for your chiller … Read More

Case Study: Oil Contamination Hits the Bottom Line

1,000 Refrigeration Tons chiller plant load Chiller System performance = 0.75 kW/ton Bundled power cost = $0.070/kWh Want to find out more about fluid testing of your refrigerant? Contact Hudson’s Global Energy Services today at (845) 323-8591 or

What standards apply to testing refrigerants?

AHRI Standard 700 – Specification for Fluorocarbon Refrigerants – establishes purity specifications and identifies the associated methods of testing for acceptability of fluorocarbon refrigerants for: Water (Moisture) Chloride Acid High boiling residue (oil, etc.) Particulate Air and Non-Condensables Purity Other … Read More

Why is fluid important in your chiller system operations?

Understanding “Cause” and “Effect” is very important for Root Cause Analysis Most maintenance BestPractices are testing-based Refrigerant, oil and water testing In chiller systems, contaminants impact efficiency and capacity Why Test Fluids? Essential diagnostic tool Potential problems identified, monitored and … Read More