Recover It But Don’t Reuse It

There is a difference between recovery and reusable cylinders. The recovery cylinders that you get from Hudson Technologies are not designed for clean refrigerant. They should be used for recovery only. The refrigerant recovered is not meant to be reused … Read More

Tech Tip Tuesday – Why do motors fail?

Neglect/ abuse Dirt Bad lubrication Poor maintenance practices Power quality problems Misapplication Undersized motors Improper selection Coupling, belts, shimming Severe Environment Hot temperatures High altitudes High Humidity Airborne contaminants/ corrosive environment Normal Wear and Tear Normal operation stresses Insulation failure … Read More

Tech Tip Tuesday – Getting the most from an Energy Assessment

First, define the scope. This depends on why you need an energy assessment. Meeting a legal or regulatory requirement Identifying cost-saving opportunities Informing future analytical work Making a go/no-go decision Hudson’s Global Energy Services staff are EXPERTS in conducting energy … Read More