New York City has enacted a series of new building efficiency laws that will affect approximately 50,000 buildings throughout the 5 boroughs. Hudson Technologies has the experts to help navigate these new laws and help building owners/operators understand their liabilities and most importantly their opportunities.

Older buildings in NYC are required to become more energy efficient and reduce their GHG emissions in the next few years. One of the biggest users of energy in a large building is the HVAC system. Hudson works with building owners/operators to monetize what is possible from the old system to help offset the costs of the new, more efficient system. And if the capital outlay is not in your current budget, utilizing our On S-Site R-Side® refrigerant services we can remove oils and other contaminants that rob you of your designed efficiency, saving energy operating costs and reducing your energy usage.

As one of the largest developers of carbon offset credits in the US, Hudson Technologies has the demonstrated ability to help entities comply with any future carbon trading program that may be developed by this legislation.

Don’t delay, reach out to the experts at Hudson now for more information on the NY Climate Mobilization Act or for a quote on any used refrigerant resulting from changing out HVAC equipment to comply with this new regulation.