Hudson Technologies takes pride in our full life cycle SF6 capabilities. With our proprietary technology and nationwide SF6 asset base we have the ability to handle any and all SF6 projects.


Hudson has high purity SF6 available to support both routine and emergency requirements. Our SF6 inventory is available to ship from multiple nationwide locations, ensuring the shortest possible lead times.


When equipment is replaced or repaired, surplus SF6 can be generated. Hudson will buyback your recovered SF6 (with certain purity requirements). Full EPA reporting details are provided when we buy back your SF6.

Clean and Return of Contaminated SF6

Hudson can process your contaminated SF6 and bring it back up to ASTM specifications. This allows you to reduce your demand for newly created gas and eliminate the need for destruction of contaminated SF6. Full EPA reporting details are provided when we clean and return your SF6.

Field Service

Hudson has a fleet of vehicles, recovery machines and fully trained technicians to take care of all your SF6 field service needs. We have the ability to assist with any SF6 project, nationwide.


Hudson can dispose, via destruction, your contaminated SF6 that cannot be re-purified.

DOT cylinder management

Hudson can recertify your high pressure SF6 vessels per DOT requirements.

Hudson has extensive experience working with power and utility industry companies; helping them manage their SF6 inventory and comply with EPA reporting requirements. Whether you are a large or small utility company we have the program and solution for your SF6 management and procurement.