Whether you need to separate mixed refrigerants or separate refrigerants contaminated with chemicals, we have proprietary separation technology to handle the task. We can separate and clean your used refrigerant or if you prefer, we also purchase cross-contaminated refrigerants at a competitive price. Separating cross-contaminated refrigerants reduces the need for refrigerant disposal, ensures the maximum amount of refrigerant can be recovered, reclaimed and reused and is a key element of Hudson’s commitment to refrigerant life cycle management.

Cross-contamination of refrigerant gases has become decidedly more complex due to the increasing popularity of the zeotropic blends. At Hudson, we start with a chemical analysis that identifies the best method to simplify the separation process and maximize the yield. In addition, our proprietary technology removes thermal breakdown components from refrigerants and various chemical contaminants for which single-plate distillation methods will not achieve ARI-700 purity standards.