Hudson Technologies expertise and knowledge position us as the sustainable leaders when it comes to both refrigerant and Halon separation. We have committed to regenerating refrigerants and Halon’s when possible to support the circular economy and reintroduce recertified refrigerant back into the market for reuse and to support essential systems.

Hudson understands that cross contaminated refrigerants are expensive to dispose of and pose a great danger to our environment. Our commitment to reclaiming, recertifying and reusing refrigerants reduces waste, and greenhouse gas emissions and creates maximum value for used refrigerants. Our priority and unique reclamation technology mean we lead the way in pounds of refrigerant reclaimed each year, as well as the complexity of crossed refrigerants we can separate, reclaim and reuse.

Whether you need to separate mixed refrigerants, mixed Halon’s or separate refrigerants contaminated with chemicals, we have proprietary technology to handle the task. We can separate and clean your used refrigerant for return to you or if you prefer, we may also purchase your cross-contaminated refrigerants. Separating cross-contaminated refrigerants and Halon’s reduces the need for disposal, ensures the maximum amount of refrigerant and Halon can be recovered, reclaimed, and reused and is a key element of Hudson’s commitment to the circular economy.