By law, refrigerant recovery cylinders must be tested and recertified every five years. We make the process easy, and can save you from costly penalties for using out-of-date cylinders. As a DOT and TC approved hydrostatic test facility, we will:

  • Arrange all shipping
  • Thoroughly test all of your cylinders with our state-of-the-art equipment
  • Inspect all cylinder components and perform necessary repairs
  • Provide you with recertification documentation

Our hydrostatic testing and refurbishment program includes:

  • Complete hydrostatic test with expansion tank testing
  • Internal and external visual inspection
  • Internal cleaning and drying
  • Dip tube and dual port valve replacement or separate single port valve replacement on certain 240 and 1000 pound cylinders and ton tanks
  • Complete paint removal and repainting in accordance with ARI Color Standards
  • Guideline K and stage dryer for small cylinders
  • Stamping and documentation