Hudson Technologies created our Clean Exchange program as an integral element of our sustainability efforts and support of the circular economy. We designed this program to provide our customers with a simple and easy way to convert the refrigerants they have reclaimed into an economic value to them. A key feature of the program is that once you reclaim R-22 through Clean Exchange, you’ll receive top priority on R-22 access and availability throughout the year. It’s that simple.

Our Clean Exchange Program includes the following services:

  • Receive top priority on R-22 access and availability throughout the year.
  • We purchase many recovered refrigerants at competitive market prices.
  • We’ll pick up the recovery cylinders at your location, arrange and pay all freight to and from our facilities.
  • When we receive your recovered refrigerant, we’ll send back an equal amount of clean, polished, in hydro test date, like for like empty cylinders.
  • We’ll provide hydrostatic testing for cylinder recertification and cylinder painting.
  • Mixed refrigerants that cannot be reclaimed will be sent to an EPA-certified waste disposal company at minimal cost to you.
  • We’ll provide a detailed report of the refrigerant we receive.
  • Not only do we include all these program components and pay you for your recovered refrigerant, but we also package the program with expert service and a commitment to quality.