Hudson Shipping Guidelines

Proper shipment of your refrigerant recovery cylinders is vital to ensure Hudson receives it intact, and in a safe and secure manner. Hudson handles large volumes of cylinder shipments daily, and your shipment will likely be handled many times and … Read More

The Facts About R22

Hudson Technologies has been closely following the regulations surrounding R22. It is our desire to be your source of facts and information in regards to the 2020 R22 phaseout. The term “phaseout” has caused rumors to fly in our industry, and … Read More

Selling Hudson Your Refrigerant

Selling Hudson your recovered refrigerant is similar to you selling compressors and other product to your contractor customers.  Except with Hudson, the transaction is profitable with virtually no incremental cost. Unlike other products that bear the burden of carrying costs; … Read More

R22 Rumors and Reclamation

There are three R’s involved with refrigerant reclamation.  The differences between them and what it means to you, your customers and end users are important distinctions.   Recovered refrigerant:  any refrigerant that has been recovered from equipment and has not been further … Read More

R22 Rumors Causing a Stir

By now you have surely heard the industry rumors surrounding R22. There has been a lot of misinformation about its availability, price, and future use.  Despite rumors that it will become illegal, unavailable or unaffordable in 2020 – R22 is here … Read More

Your Store Experience Promoting Clean Exchange

Make sure your in store promotional items are displayed. An in-store experience is the most important thing to a customer when it comes to making a purchase. Even if that customer shops online or through a mobile device, the in-store … Read More