At Hudson Technologies, we provide refrigerant management solutions that address the full life cycle of refrigerants – and that means helping protect the environment. We offer a carbon credit program for CFC destruction by which:

  • We pay our customers for unwanted CFCs
  • We handle the responsible disposal of CFCs through an EPA-approved facility
  • The carbon credits are then sold or traded, making the program work for everyone

The benefits for our customers are two-fold, providing cash back and the satisfaction of being environmentally conscious.

Other Environmental Efforts

Hudson’s commitment to the environment extends beyond its services. In fact, the company was one of the first refrigerant management companies to participate in the Chicago Climate Exchange and the first ozone depleting substances (ODS) destruction protocol. In 2009, we were part of the Climate Action Reserve working group that developed two comprehensive protocols for quantifying the emissions reductions from destruction of refrigerant gases that are no longer used.

Most recently, we have formed an alliance with EOS Climate, Inc to develop and deliver permanent greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions to the emerging North American carbon market. Our deep experience and knowledge of the refrigerant market, coupled with EOS Climate’s expertise in greenhouse gas projects, provides our customers with the most reliable, compliant and technically able resource available to ensure the proper disposal of CFCs.

For more information regarding CFC Disposal and Carbon Credits, please contact
Brian F. Coleman at (845) 735-6000