Hudson Technologies and University of Tulsa Team Up for Savings with SmartEnergy OPS®

Pearl River, NY – April 19, 2016 – Hudson Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: HDSN ) and the University of Tulsa (“TU”) announced the results of their three-year implementation of SmartEnergy OPS®, Hudson’s chiller plant system optimization package. The benefits realized to the TU chiller plant’s system operations, maintenance and reliability included a 25% improvement in chiller efficiency.

SmartEnergy OPS® also identified critical maintenance actions that were needed to prevent the possible failure and unplanned shutdown of TU’s operating chillers. Once these preventive actions were implemented by the TU staff, TU was able to eliminate the risk of a catastrophic event and, thereby, avoid an estimated $300,000 of expenses.

Michael Bolien, Manager of Central Plant Operations at TU, commented,

“Over the past five years, TU has had a 17% increase in operating load, based on the square footage of new buildings.  We have been able to operate at those increased loads with less than a 1% increase in total energy usage.  Because our central chiller plant is our biggest energy user, optimizing was our best solution.”

Riyaz Papar, PE, CEM and Director, Global Energy Services for Hudson Technologies, stated,

“TU’s long-term success is exactly what we expect to be able to deliver for all of our customers with our SmartEnergy OPS® technology. The O-P-S in SmartEnergy OPS® stands for Operations—Performance—Service. It has lived up to its name.”

Details are available in the University of Tulsa case study on the website.
SmartEnergy OPS® is a comprehensive, tailored package that delivers verified savings based on:

  • Accurate input data
  • Calculated Part Load Value
  • Fault Detection and Diagnostics
  • Lifetime Continuous Commissioning
  • AHRI-certified laboratory
  • Dedicated engineering support

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