Our engineers are adept at conducting high-level, plant-wide Energy-Saving Assessments (ESAs). These are very similar to an ASHRAE Level 1 audit for commercial buildings. They help to identify easy to implement adjustments and quick payback projects.

We also offer System-Focused ESAs that use a “systems approach” methodology based on the 2009 ASME/ANSI Energy Assessment Standards. These include an in-depth (3 to 5 day), system-focused energy efficiency assessment for your process and utility systems. System Focused ESAs are similar to ASHRAE Level 2 or 3 and investment grade assessments. They quantify energy and cost saving opportunities, including greenhouse gas emission reductions, with a very high degree of confidence. We work closely with plant personnel and provide a presentation and a written report that details Best Practices and recommendations, including opportunities for energy, operating and maintenance savings, preliminary project economics and emissions reductions impact.

Assessment areas include steam, refrigeration and process cooling (chillers), process heating, waste heat recovery, combined heat and power (CHP), pumps and compressed air.

For more information, contact us at energy@hudsontech.com or (845) 359-4717 ext. 0