What the US EPA Regulations Regarding R22 Mean For You And Your Customers

As of January 1, 2020 systems that rely on R22 will need to be serviced primarily with reclaimed R22.  That’s the date in which the EPA has decided the manufacture and import of virgin R22 will discontinue.  It will continue to be available thanks to reclaimed R22 refrigerant, and it is completely legal to buy, sell, and use in existing R22 systems forever
The large installed base of R22 HVAC systems  means that  R22 will be needed for service for many years to come, and well past the phaseout date of January 1, 2020.  At Hudson Technologies, we’ve created a solution through our Clean Exchange Program

This no-hassle program makes collecting recovered refrigerant effortless and enables you to continue offering R22 to your customers. By participating in the Clean Exchange Program, you get top priority on R22 purchases throughout the year.
With reclaimed R22, you and your customers can –

  • Avoid retrofit expenses
  • Maintain the warranty on your system
  • Enjoy optimal efficiency

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