Virgin vs Reclaimed Refrigerant

Reclaimed refrigerant is often confused to mean “recycled” refrigerant, but they are vastly different.  Properly reclaimed refrigerant is identical to virgin refrigerant in purity and specification.   If you were to ask us what the difference is between virgin and reclaimed refrigerant our answer would be “none”.  And furthermore, when asked what the best drop in replacement for a refrigerant is that is no longer able to be manufactured, our answer is reclaimed refrigerant! 

Hudson Technologies is the largest EPA-certified refrigerant reclaimer in North America, having reclaimed millions of pounds of refrigerant to AHRI standards. In addition, all our reclaimed refrigerants have undergone strict quality control inspections to ensure that they meet or exceed ARI 700 standards for purity.  This enables the reclaimed refrigerant to be reused and has the added benefit of reducing environmental impact when compared to virgin refrigerant.

With R-22 phaseout of virgin production scheduled for December 2019 reclaimed R-22 will be more critical than ever to keep in service equipment running.  Work with your contractor customers to continue to recycle and reclaim R-22 for service needs for years to come.

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