Do you know your cylinder markings?

There are many different types of cylinders in circulation today and not all cylinders are created equally.  Did you know that some cylinders are DOT exempt and cannot be reused? There are also different cylinder pressure ratings as well as hydrostatic test requirements that may affect how you swap cylinders in your store or passes charges to your customers.

DOT exempt cylinders are not eligible for a free cylinder swap by Hudson. And under the Clean Exchange program we swap like for like cylinders – so if your customer returns a 350 psi cylinder, you will receive a 350 psi in exchange (and not an upgrade to 400 psi). 

Hudson has a series of “cylinder marking cheat sheets” available to educate your counter staff on what to look for when swapping cylinders for your customers.  Understanding these markings will ensure you can advise your customers of any additional charges or circumstances where you cannot provide a swap cylinder. For more information contact your account manager today.

Have a question or need additional assistance? Contact your account manager, their contact details can be found here